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If Energy Efficiency And Longevity Are Your Goals, Fiberglass Is The Best Material For Your Bay Area Home’s Window Replacement Material.

Fiberglass offers the best window replacement material option for keeping your energy bills low over a long period of time. It is weather and dent-resistant, stable and durable. Fiberglass is easy to clean and withstands even the most extreme weather conditions to keep your home insulated. You’ll never have to refinish fiberglass window frames, but you have the flexibility to choose a wood veneer or painted finish.

Main Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Eco-Friendly Production

Fiberglass frames require little to no natural resources to produce, making them a more eco-friendly option for consumers than wood.

Stability & Longevity

One of the biggest selling points for fiberglass is that they maintain their shape for so long. This means that they last longer in any shape and do not warp over time.

Energy Efficiency

Because fiberglass is so stable, it is less like to warp and break the seal between the frame and glass. This will keep your energy bills low over time. Moreover, the strength of fiberglass allows it to hold more panes of glass, which can boost your home’s insulation value even more by trapping condensation between panes. Topped with the option for multiple layers of glazing, fiberglass is the best performing material for window replacement.


As if the insulation value of fiberglass isn’t enough to convince you, the windows can be created with a veneer that looks like wood or they can be painted and repainted, allowing for flexibility in the styling of your home.

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