Why a New Window Installation is More Affordable than a Repair


So your window is drafty, appears worn out, and is getting more difficult to use. You might wonder if you need to call for repairs or start shopping around for a new window installation.

Traditionally, when a window is damaged, it only gets repaired and not replaced. But the times have changed, as more homeowners are choosing new installations over having repairs because the former is the more practical option.  To clear things up, here are the more common causes of damage to windows, and why installing new windows is the better choice.

Rot and Decay

Check your window installation for any signs of decay. Although a window expert might be able to repair jammed sashes, broken components, and rot, the amount of work needed will depend on the severity of the problem. It might cost you more if major repairs are required, or take more time if the broken parts are hard to find. In these cases, installing windows is more affordable than calling for repair services.

Water Leaks

Gutters and drainpipes that are not draining well can lead water to your windows. Seals can hold some of that water back, but those aren’t a foolproof way to keep water out.

When water infiltration around your window becomes excessive, it warrants a look at your exterior window casing for any problems. Whatever the outcome, water seeping through the window will mean a new window installation will probably cost less then scheduling repair.

Broken or Cracked Glass

Visual acuity and safety are important factors to consider when trying to repair or replace your window. For single-pane windows, glass can be inexpensively repaired by professionals or even the homeowners themselves. However, if you own a multi-paned glass that is cracked or broken, it’s more cost-effective to install a new one because repairing multiple panes can be a bit pricier.

Windows that Don’t Operate Smoothly

Old windows tend to become more drafty and difficult to operate. Opening and closing them can be difficult, especially if they’ve been installed for a long time. Whether it’s caused by broken hardware, being painted shut, dirt and grit buildup, or falling out of alignment because of a settling foundation, this issue often leads to frustration among homeowners.

There are many ways to repair your window depending on the cause. But if the window stopped working correctly due to being out of alignment, or replacement parts are impossible to find, getting new windows is more economical than trying to repair the old ones.

Why a New Installation is the Better Choice

A window installation not only defines the overall look of your property but it also serves as an architectural detail that shows your home’s style. New windows provide security, noise reduction, UV protection, and welcomes natural light–making your home comfortable for you and everyone in the household.

To make sure your window installation works efficiently while adding curb appeal, it’s best to buy a new one instead of just repairing the damage. A new window installation addresses all the problems your old windows have, so you end up with better performance and energy efficiency for a long time.