What Are the Rossmoor Window & Door Installation Requirements?

If you’re a resident of Rossmoor and you’re looking to make upgrades to the exterior aesthetic of your home, it’s important to understand that there are certain rules, regulations, and requirements that need to be considered. That’s especially the case when it comes to window and door installations. At Custom Exteriors, we’ve familiarized ourselves with these requirements and gotten them down to a science so that when you turn to us for new windows or doors, we can provide you with a seamless installation process that ensures that you avoid any fines or fees associated with regulation violations.

Requirements Place for Rossmoor Window & Door Installations

So, what are some of these unique requirements that are in place for window and door installations in Rossmoor? It’s important to first know who sets these regulations up, and that’s the different Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)—or “Mutuals.” With many of these Mutuals, exterior color is a crucial point to consider when investing in a window or door installation.

Most Mutuals require new windows to have the same exterior color as the existing windows (usually bronze or silver). Some, though, allow white windows and retrofit installations. But what does that mean? Retrofit installations leave the original frame in place, with the new window inserted within the perimeter of that original frame. With these installations, new trim and painting is unnecessary, which means you can save on time and expenses.

Another big requirement for a majority of Mutuals is what is called a “total replacement” install. With these, the exterior wood trims on older units must be removed and replaced with new wood, which then has to be painted. In other words, it’s exactly what it sounds like—a complete window replacement.

One final regulation involves your siding being cut back so that the new windows can be put in place. Then, new flashing is applied based on the city code.

Why Work With Us for a Window & Door Installation in Rossmoor?

Custom Exteriors is known for being one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier exterior remodeling contractors, as we provide homeowners with top-of-the-line products, impeccable installation work, and top-tier customer care. All of that is reason enough to work with us, but as a resident of Rossmoor, there are even more reasons to partner with us for your window or door installation project.

These requirements for window and door installations are one of those reasons. They all might sound a little complicated to you, and you may even feel like none of those regulations are really in line with what you know. But that’s OK when you turn to Custom Exteriors. Why? Because we will make sure that your window and door installation meets the Rossmoor requirements, leaving you with nothing else to worry about. We’ll handle the entire project, ensuring that everything is up to code, looking great, and functioning optimally by the end of our tried-and-true process.

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