Tackling Foggy Windows In Your Home

We've all seen windows with that ugly fogging on the glass. After trying to clean both sides of a window, it becomes obvious that the “fogging” is between the two pieces of glass and there's no way to get to the problem. The issue is a result of a seal failure that has allowed moisture to make its way inside the dual pane glass unit. 

Over time, direct sunlight on the failed glass unit can dry out the moisture leaving a hideous film that makes the windows nearly impossible to look through. This problem is more often seen with early dual pane aluminum frame windows, but also has been known to happen with vinyl frame windows. These days, most manufacturers cover seal failure/fogging with a lifetime replacement warranty that includes parts and labor. Today’s Anlin vinyl windows provide a lifetime warranty that will even transfer to the next owner of the home.

For home sellers, this problem must be resolved before showings as fogging is a look that will likely hurt the home’s sales price. The good news is a local glass shop can replace just the glass unit without removing the window frame or cutting into the exterior siding. No permits are required by the city or alterations for glass replacement and lead times are typically just a couple of weeks with most jobs done in just a day.

Custom Exteriors has been replacing windows and doors for nearly 25 years. With close to 10,000 products installed since opening and approximately 2,000 jobs completed it's truly remarkable that over this time there has been less than five service calls needed to replace defective fogging glass.  The window technology is so advanced now with our manufacturers that it is almost unheard of to have a fogging window issue to address.