Are Anlin Windows Energy Efficient?


Many homes in the United States are still fitted with old windows that contribute to a huge loss in energy efficiency. This has led to a rise in the demand for high-quality replacement windows that retain indoor temperature while providing other features such as noise reduction, security, rot resistance, and less maintenance.

Anlin windows offer all of these benefits–making them one of the most trusted brands in the window market right now. But what, exactly, sets this brand apart?

Energy Efficient Windows

Anlin windows provide high energy efficiency through its virgin vinyl material. This kind of plastic traps air bubbles that result in reduced heat conduction. Additionally, Anlin windows have glass units with 3/4-inch thickness and triple-chamber silicon spacers.

The level of energy efficiency in your Anlin windows depends on the exact window specifications of your chosen series. There are five kinds of energy-efficient windows from Anlin: Coronado, Catalina, Catalina-E, Del Mar, and Del Mar-E.

Anlin QuadraTherm System

With a 14-layered coating that reflects sunlight, the Quadratherm Glazing System effectively reduces the  UV rays penetrating your home by 95%. The exterior glass has a glaze that reflects heat coming from the sun while the interior panel’s multi-layered coating maintains heat to ensure your home stays at a moderate temperature throughout the changing seasons.

Anlin’s Dual Pane Quadratherm – their leading energy-efficiency window technology – comes with argon gas for improved thermal insulation, along with the Platinum Elite spacer. Thanks to its many layers of reflective coating, it works well in cold climates – just like any triple-pane glass.

Anlin Infinit-e Plus High-Performance Glazing System

The state-of-the-art glazing technology offered by Anlin includes its patented Platinum Elite spacer and a triple layer of silver metal.

Made of silver metal, the Infinit-e glass system’s triple layer coating lets the window block a substantial amount of solar heat entering the glass. A metal coating for windows may seem like an eyesore but the specialists at Anlin made sure that it will not be visible to the human eye. This means homeowners will never have to sacrifice aesthetics to enjoy the advantages afforded them by energy-efficient windows.

In terms of design, the Platinum Elite spacer is effective at preventing heat transfer in the window. Most modern brands we know today use metal spacers that don’t work well with insulation. Platinum Elite ups the ante by offering a multi-chambered silicone foam spacer to stop the transfer of heat.

Additionally, the Infinit-e Plus glazing system makes it possible to fill the space between two glass panels with argon. Because this gas is heavier than air, it gives better insulation. Anlin complements this by offering a mylar multi-layer vapor barrier so the gas won’t escape through the window.

Consider Anlin Windows for Your Home

Anlin has been a leader in the window industry for more than 30 years. They are widely recognized for manufacturing energy-efficient, durable, and high-quality vinyl replacement windows and doors.

As the winter season draws closer, don’t let your outdated windows be the source of chills and debt. Contact your trusted window professional to know more about Anlin windows and why they are the best option for your home.