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Increase Your Home’s Natural Light With A Picture Window.

Picture windows can be a very cost effective way of providing additional features to a room. The primary function is to provide natural light and views. It is inoperable, which means it cannot be opened without being broken. But, that does not mean it has any less a role to play than other windows in your home. When egress is not required, picture windows can provide additional security benefits because it cannot be opened. Here are just a few other reasons why picture windows might be right for your home:

Maximum Light

Picture windows are a popular choice for letting in natural light without cold air in areas of a room that may be most susceptible to drafts. Since picture windows are fixed windows that do not open, they are usually installed in difficult to reach places to let in light. For unobstructed views where ventilation is not a concern, picture windows are ideal.

Increased Energy Efficiency

In picture windows, insulated glass is a great option for added performance and increased comfort in the home. Insulated glass is a combination of two or more panes of glass with a hermetically sealed air space between them. Optional inert gases like argon or krypton may be used between panes to further improve thermal performance and energy savings.

More Design Options

Picture windows create a portrait-like space on walls – hence the word “picture” in their name. It is common to combine a picture window with operable windows, such as double hung or casement windows, for both beauty and function. Sometimes a picture window is used to replace two or three joined, mulled, windows, for uninterrupted spans of glass and views.

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