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Your front door is one of the most important design features of your home. Choosing the right entry door means that you choose how your guests are welcomed and how unwanted visitors are deterred from trespassing. A new or custom entryway door will not only make your home unique, but will increase its overall value as well. Custom Exteriors has a plethora of entryway door options, and our team has installed thousands of doors for Bay Area residents since 1997. Let us help you make your house comfortable and cozy.

A Beautiful New Entry Door Starts With Choosing The Right Material

When choosing an entry door, it’s important to think about the conditions to which it will be exposed. Does the door need to withstand direct sunlight? What kind of weather must it endure? How much maintenance are you willing to contend with? All of these questions will help guide you in choosing the right material for your new front door.


Vinyl has, arguably the most value of any door material for its cost. Vinyl doors are the cheapest option that also offer unmatched durability and energy efficiency. If you choose the right manufacturer, virtually no maintenance is required to maintain your vinyl doors and keep them looking like new.


If you want the door to look like wood, you can pay a bit extra and even professionals can’t tell the difference until they are up close. With a fiberglass door, you can save almost half the cost of a wood door and get up to five times the insulation. With a middle-of-the-road cost, the fiberglass door option is hard to beat.


Many people dream of a solid and secure, yet warm and welcoming wood door. Wood is a great material to customize just the right “welcome home” feel for you and your guests while deterring unwanted trespassers. With a wide range of species, stains and styles to choose from, wood doors may provide the exact appearance you’re looking for.

We Only Supply Our Customers With Products From The Highest Quality Door Manufacturers

At Custom Exteriors, we have almost 20 years of experience in helping Bay Area residents choose window and door products. with this experience, we have finely honed our offerings based on what we feel is the most important criteria: energy efficiency, durability, cost, maintenance and style.

Anlin Windows & Doors

Anlin is our choice for your high-performance vinyl window frame replacements and doors. As a California company, Anlin windows and doors are specially engineered to meet the needs of homes in moderate to hot climates. We have never been disappointed with the durability, energy efficiency and low-maintenance requirements that Anlin bring our customers.

Therma-Tru Doors

25 years ago Therma-Tru introduced a door that looked like wood but performed like steel and they are now the nation’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel doors. Therma-Tru is one of the many companies we offer that create energy-efficient doors. Fiberglass is more durable and energy-efficient than wood doors, and represents a significant savings in natural resources. We have been selling and installing Therma-Tru doors from the time we first opened the Custom Exteriors showroom and we still stand by their quality products.

Simpson Doors

Not only to Simpson wood doors offer the customized look your dreaming about, they are also a great energy efficient choice. Wood is an efficient insulator because its cellular structure contains air pockets that limit its ability to conduct heat. Using wood as your building material requires little fossil fuel energy, removes pollutants from the air and is resistant to heat, frost, corrosion and pollution.

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