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A new bay window immediately becomes the focal point for the home. This is not just another window. It consists of a shell that projects outside the home and contains three or more panels of windows. A bay window completely transforms both the interior and the exterior of the home. Bay windows will do much to open up a room and let it breathe, give the appearance of more space, let in more light, and add a splash of glamour to any room.


A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections (90, 135, and 150 are the most popular angles). A bay window’s overall structure consists of 3 panels: a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side. Bay windows protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space, and thus add a bit more floor space on the interior.


Bay windows add a strong architectural element to the home and add a feeling of more space. These windows are great choices for homeowners looking to augment their nice views. The angular lines and flat planes of a contemporary bay window are applicable to a variety of home designs, particularly homes with a modern tone. To let in some additional light, bay windows can be flanked by casement or single or double hung windows on either side.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015
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