Is Your Bay Area Home Under-Insulated? It Could Be Just A Quick 2-Week Job!

Most homes are under-insulated and yet homeowners can save up to 20% on heating a cooling costs and up to 10% on a home’s total energy costs with proper insulation. Moreover, reducing a home’s energy consumption is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. That’s why federal initiatives like PACE and local PACE programs like CaliforniaFIRST and HERO are making it their mission to help you finance home improvement programs that improve your home’s energy performance. The best place to start is a home energy audit to see how your home currently performs and identify air leaks in your home. If your attic, siding or walls have significant air leaks, insulation may be the answer. With financing options, energy savings and the quick two-week installation process, there’s no reason to wait!

Featured Service: Attic Insulation

Because heat rises and goes through a ceiling to the attic, it’s generally a great place to start to increase insulation. When choosing a material for insulation, our home performance specialists will upgrade your attic’s insulation to a minimum of R-38, as required by PACE. R-38 refers to an R-Value, which is the capacity of a material to insulate. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation and the more energy you will save. From loose-fill to batt insulation, we’ll help you find the right solution for you and your home.

What Do PACE Programs Cover For Insulation?

Because most homes are under-insulated, PACE programs are here to help change that. Nearly every insulation upgrade you can make to your home can be financed through a PACE program.


CaliforniaFIRST will help you finance most of your insulation needs. As long as your choices adhere to certain energy performance guidelines, you can consider the following upgrades: air sealing, attic insulation, floor insulation (over unconditioned space), foam insulation, insulated siding and wall insulation.


The HERO program exists as a PACE program to help you finance the improved energy performance of your home. Upgrades for you to consider include: air sealing, attic insulation, floor insulation, insulated siding and wall insulation.

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Leading The Bay Area’s Energy Efficient Homes Revolution

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Energy Efficiency
Long time Bay Area home improvement company Custom Exteriors is helping Bay Area home owners “Go Green” with energy efficient home projects. A new division, Custom Exteriors Home Performance was formed specializing in energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass door replacement, solar energy, replacement HVAC systems and insulation. California has long been the leader in energy efficiency with the San Francisco Bay Area willing to adopt and adapt to the new technology.