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Make A Bold And Welcoming Statement With Just The Right Door Material For Your Bay Area Home.

Choosing the right material for your home’s exterior doors can add character, energy efficiency, and extra security for you and your family. With hundreds of options available at the Custom Exteriors Showroom, we help every customer find the perfect door to fit their budget and style preference. Here are a few things to consider about materials when you are planning to replace your doors:

Energy Efficiency

All of the doors we sell are made by companies who pride themselves on creating a manufacturing process that is as eco-friendly as possible. Choosing the right energy efficient material can help you save a ton of money in utility costs and help conserve precious natural resources. Depending on your climate, the door material could actually pay for itself in reduced energy costs.


There are hundreds of options available to match the style of your home and enhance its overall beauty. Looking for a custom door to set your home apart? Bring us your idea and we can find the material to create it.


Few people want to spend their extra time sanding, scraping and staining wood door frames. We carry many options for materials that require little to no maintenance at all.


Every door has a unique environment to endure. Depending on the door placement in your home, the climate you live in and the level of wear and tear your home receives, the right material can save you a ton of time and energy.

No matter what style of door you desire, our 8,000 square foot warehouse has the door for you. Contact us or visit our showroom in Pleasanton today.

Vinyl doors Custom Exteriors Bay Area
Vinyl, arguably, has the most value of any door material for its cost. Made primarily from a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl doors are the cheapest option that also offer unmatched durability and energy efficiency. If you choose the right manufacturer, virtually no maintenance is required to maintain your vinyl doors and keep them looking like new. That’s why we rely on a few very trusted companies to provide a vinyl door material that will add value to your home for many years to come.
Want the look of wood, but not the maintenance or cost? Fiberglass may be the perfect option for you and is an increasingly popular option for home improvement projects. Fiberglass doors are usually made with an inner frame of wood, a core of foam and a skin of fiberglass. If you want the door to look like wood, you can pay a bit extra and even professionals can’t tell the difference until they are up close. With a fiberglass door, you can save almost half the cost of a wood door and get up to five times the insulation. With a middle-of-the-road cost, the fiberglass door option is hard to beat.

Hundreds of beautiful and high-efficiency options.

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